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What are the Member Benefits?

Convenient and Affordable outdoor fitness on the ocean!

Owning paddle sports gear is expensive. Moving paddle boards and kayaks is difficult. Becoming a Paddle Sports Center member is easy. We have a variety of Stand-up Paddleboards (SUP), kayaks, and surfboards on location, ready to go, with all of the accessories like lifejackets, paddles, and leashes. Now you paddle on your lunch break, or ride your bike to the harbor and go for a quick surf. We have taken the hassle out of using paddle sports gear because we know how difficult moving this stuff around can be. 

Membership Benefits:

  • Access to punch cards (5, 10, 20, 30 visit cards)
  • Special Member rental pricing (for you and your guests) when not paying dues: More info HERE
  • 10% OFF on ALL CIO Adventures & Courses for you and your guests.
  • $1 reward for every $10 spent (similar to REI)
  • $5 in rewards for each referral. 
  • Social events

One-time setup fee of $49



Once you join, please fill out our new member questionnaire here: New Member Questionnaire


Fitness Dues ($49 membership sign-up fee required)

What do you get? 2 hour access, everyday of the month, for SUP | KAYAK | SURF at either of our two locations (Santa Barbara Harbor & Goleta Beach). Additional time is $0.10/minute or $24/day, we do not calculate time when we are closed. 

We have single, double, fishing, and premium sit-on-top kayaks along with a wide variety of stand-up paddleboards (SUP) and surfboards. For the colder days, you can use any of our wetsuit tops, full suits, or farmer-john wetsuits. We also have lockers, towel service, and filtered water to fill up your water bottle with!

  KAYAK SUP SURF WEEKENDS No Contract 1 Year Contract
2 Year Contract
3 Year Contract
Adult Dues (18-55)  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark $65/mo

$50/mo or

$500 prepaid

$40/mo or

$800 prepaid

$30/mo or

$900 prepaid

Student/Senior Dues (Valid student ID/55+)  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark $50/mo

$40/mo or

$400 prepaid

$30/mo or

$600 prepaid

$25/mo or

$750 prepaid

How to sign up?
You can select the "Join Now" button at the top of the page to pay the $49 sign-up fee and you can select a no contract plan. You must arrange an appointment for a contract plan. All contracts come with special 1 -on-1 Member On-Boarding with our Members Relations Director, Steve Laffie, which includes a 15 minute consultation, 15 minute orientation, and a 30 minute lesson. You can sign-up for an appointment with Steve call 805-617-3425 Monday-Friday.

Get Going today! Sign up for a no contract plan right now and if you change to a contract plan within 30 days, we'll credit you the first month!


Wind, sky, fire, waves, earth and tree, in the mountains and sea is where I'll be. I started as a little sprout growing up in the coastal woods of New England and playing in the chilly Atlantic waters off Northeast Massachusetts. Winters skiing in the White Mountains and summers spent in the islands of Maine, on Martha's Vineyard and on trips to visit family in California College beckoned like a siren call to the west coast and Santa Barbara connected me to a whole new diversity of ocean and mountain living and further groomed my appreciation and desire to protect the precious environment that most take for granted. The UCSB Environmental Studies program sent me out to the Channel Islands for multiple adventures and habitat restoration projects and cemented my interest in island ecology and biogeography. In 2000, a Wildland Studies program furthered that island love with 10 weeks backpacking the mountain trails and snorkeling the waters of the Big Island, Maui and Kauai. After some unfulfilling years working in a cubicle, I joined CIO in January of 2015 on a hope and a whim to work for company that truly practices everything I stand for and to help bring the passion I have for our planet to the next generation.
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The Fun Print

  • Students must present valid ID with current sticker
  • Senior is 55+
  • All no contract fitness dues will be set to automatic billing each month on your credit card. If you would like to stop payment you must notify via email, by phone, or in person at LEAST 3 days before the scheduled auto-renew date to cancel plan (this is the amount of time it takes to hold the payment). No cancellation fees. If you contact us mid-month, your plan will be valid until the end of your billing cycle and you will need to contact us to reinstate your plan for another month. We do not pro-rate for mid month cancellations. Billing starts at sign-up and is set to auto-renew.
  • AGE POLICIES: Must be 12 years old to ride in a single kayak, 14 years old to SUP, and 16 to go without an adult (adult signature still required). All ages in tandems with adult.
  • $5 “ride-fee” for guests in tandem kayaks.



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You will need to complete a membership agreement and acknowledgment of risk form when you arrive OR

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Complete our Agreement & Acknowledgement of Risk Form



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