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Kaia Stachel-Zambryski

This Mermaid was born from the ocean to spread the word to us land folk about the troubles at Sea with human made pollution. But before this purpose was bestowed upon her, she was set in motion to travel the world with her scientist parents, and adventure seeking father. By the time SparKle made it to Santa Barbara at the age of 19, she had lived in 3 different continents (Australia, Europe, North America) and rode horses professionally in Ireland. She speaks French and a bit of Spanglish, has an extensive knowledge of almost every religion, can wrangle a Zebra, and makes the most amazing purple soup EVER. Through the early adventures sparked by a inherited thirsty spirit of exploration, she realized her passion for educating children about science and the health of the Ocean. In her post University endeavors, Kaia climbed her way with zeal to take the Executive Director role at Save the Mermaids, a non-profit organization established by college friends in the early 2010's. Still with land legs, this Mermaid walks tall for ocean health.

Kaia Stachel-Zambryski is currently not instructing any classes.
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