Frequently Asked Questions

Can you camp at the Channel Islands?

YES! The 5 islands in the Northern Chain is a National Park. This means you can camp at all of the 5 islands… the only tricky part is getting to those islands during certain times of the year. During the Summer when the seas are mellowest, Island Packers runs trips to all of the islands, during the Winter Santa Cruz Island is the most frequently visited island.

What Island should I visit?

We suggest you visit them all, but if it’s your first time to the Channel Islands National Park, Santa Cruz Island offers the most variety.

Why don’t you provide lunch?

We would love to provide a healthy and delicious lunch for you, unfortunately obtaining a Food Service permit is not possible at this time… so for now you get to be your own cook!

How Long does it take to get to the islands?

Ventura to Santa Cruz Island- 1 hour Santa Barbara to Santa Cruz Island – 1.5 hours Oxnard to Anacapa Island – 45 minutes Ventura to Santa Barbara Island – 2.5 hours Ventura to Santa Rosa Island – 3 hours Ventura to San Miguel Island – 4 hours

Are there Sharks?

First of all, this is like talking about a plane crashing while flying on a plane. Sharks do live in the ocean and occasionally they are spotted in Southern California. We have never seen one in our area and thus have never had an incident. In fact, seeing a Shark would be really cool and due to the size of our group and our proximity to the sea cliffs and kelp beds, we would be in very little risk of a dangerous encounter. Sharks are wonderful creatures that play a crucial role in the ecosystem of the Ocean. At CIO we celebrate the Shark and ask that she allows us to pass unscathed upon her home.

Do you rent Jet Skis?

NO, Sea Landing does.

Is SUP difficult?

If you do not want to get wet, then you should try kayaking. Everyone’s first SUP experience is different, but always fun! Expect to get wet and you will have a much better experience. Wetsuits are included in all SUP rentals to make this part more comfortable.

What comes with the rentals?

Personal Flotation devices, paddles, seats, and wetsuits (wetsuit is additional for surfboards). Also you get a smiling face to give you a little talk about paddling and the area.

When Can I use my Fitness Plan?

7 Days a week for 2 hours every day. We are open from sunrise to sunset all year round (we close when it’s raining/stormy)

What is your Cancellation Policy?

It’s pretty relaxed, but check out our legal page for more details.

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