Goleta Beach Rentals

The Campus Point Marine Conservation Area is the southernmost area you can find California Sea Otters. In 2009 the State of California established a series of marine reserves, this area is one of those protected bodies of water found in very few places in the world.

You can KAYAK | SUP | SURF with Gray whales, Sea Lions, Seals, Dolphins, and sea birds. Everyday is different, expect though to find some the great Oceans creatures.


Kayaks Rentals


Rent kayaks on Goleta Beach! Our kayaks are conveniently located on Goleta Beach County Park.


item 1hr 2hr 24hr
Single $25 $30 $50
Tandem $40 $50 $65

Kayaks: Ocean Kayak, RTM, Necky


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Gear Rentals



item 2hr 4hr 24hr
Full Wetsuit $10 $15 $20


Board Rentals


Rent SUP | SURF | BOOGIE Boards in Santa Barbara! We conveniently have SUP’s dock side and on leadbetter beach. Choose from over 50 different SUP & Surfboards and launch where you want!

item 2hr 4hr 24hr
Stand-Up Paddle Board SUP $40 $65 $100
Surfboard $10 $20 $30
BoogieBoard $10 $20 $30

SUP Boards: Bic Universals, Paddle Surf Hawaii, Bark, Gerry Lopez, Pearson Arrow, Takayama Ali, Randy French, BruSurf

Starboard Surfboards: NSP, INT, Custom


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