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Rentals (KAYAK | SUP | SURF)

Equipment Rental Rates

Reserve a piece of equipment ahead of time below

The Paddle Sports Center is a full­ service rental and membership center. We offer a wide variety of Stand­-Up Paddle Boards (SUP’s), Kayaks, surfboards & gear for rental. We pride ourselves on the quality of our gear, expertise of the various Paddle Sports, and the general stoke of what spending time on the ocean can provide to our lives. We have equipment to fit every shape, size, and experience level. Our staff spend hundreds of days on the ocean perfecting their skills, so please don’t hesitate and ask questions!  We currently have two Paddle Sports Center Locations (Santa Babrara & Goleta Beach).

We change a minimum of 1 hour, then any additional time will be charged on a per minute basis. Only pay for what you use. Please allow time for parking, changing and anything else needed before we get you on the water. Locker, water and towel service are available. Wetsuits are included in the rental fee and are available in all shapes and sizes.  Please click on the appropriate item to reserve ahead of time. This will ensure you have a piece of equipment ready for you.

Stand-Up Paddle Board (SUP) Rentals



$30 first hour
+ $0.25 per minute additional

Surfboard / Boogieboard Rentals


​$15 first hour
+ $0.25 per minute additional

Kayak Rentals: Single or Tandem 


Rental -Kayak
per person / first hour
+ $0.25 per minute additional

Additional Gear: Wetsuits, PFD, Paddles, etc


$10 first hour
+ $0.25 per minute additional

Rental Rules

  • All rental equipment includes any wetsuit, PFD, Paddle, Seat, etc.
  • Time begin once paddler leaves shop.
  • A 5 minute buffer allowed for walking. Each minute is charged thereafter.
  • Credit Cards required for all rentals
  • 14+ on SUPs with no previous experience
  • 12+ on SUPs with previous experience when flags are not blowing
  • 16+ with adult permission to be on water without adult
  • Must know how to swim

Adventure Co-Op

$49 One Time Membership Sign­Up Fee
-   10% Gained on eligible purchase as account rewards   -
-   Lockers and towel service is free for members   -
-   Special Membership Equipment Rental Rates   -
-   10% off all Channel Islands Outfitters adventures   -

We rent a wide variety of equipment to fit all your paddling needs. From long distance touring, to fishing, to surfing we are your place. 

SUP Equipment:
Surftech, NSP, Starboard, Bounce, Bic, Werner, Quickblade

Kayak Equipment: 
Ocean Kayak, Necky, RTM, Werner

Surf Equipment: 
NSP, OchoBoard

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